Jessica Nebel

German native and recent grad from the Royal College of Art in London, Jessica Nebel is well on her way to becoming the next 'it' person in industrial design. Recent projects like the 'Take-away sink' and Wool-light' are giving her international acclaim.The wool light is made of 100% wool, pose able and ever changing to create an array of soft and fuzzy shadows for an invitingly warm glow on a summer evening.

Amy Adams of Perch Design

Amy Adams is the designer behind Brooklyn-based ceramic studio Perch. All of Perch's products are made with low impact, non-toxic, eco-friendly loving care-- not to mention creative style and practical sensibility.

Perch was a part of this year's HauteGREEN in New York, an annual showcase of sustainability in design and I look forward to seeing them in upcoming years.


Enkundayo and Andrew Hem @ Thinkspace

Artists Enkundayo and Andrew Hem will be representing Los Angeles' Thinkspace Gallery with an opening this Friday, August 10th. While both artists share a foundation of graffiti and Art Center degrees they are uniquely different in their personal styles, subject matter, and experiences.Enkundayo is native to Hawaii and now lives and works as a freelance illustrator in LA. In his debut solo show and installation, 'Interlaced,' Enkundayo will display the interrelations and connections will all have with eachother despite geographic and demographic differences where human imperfection and surrealist tendencies run deep.

Cambodian by birth, Californian by circumstance, and artist by trade, Andrew Hem will be holding down the Project Room at Thinkspace with 'Brighter Days.' His paintings are playful and tragic, geometric and curvacious and an incredible mixture of emotions and brushstrokes.

Friday, August 10th at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. 7-11pm. Show runs through Sept. 8th.


Aline 'Yumi' Yamada

Aline Yamada of YumiYumi is a fine artist from Sao Paulo now based out of Columbus. Her prints are hand-drawn and later tweaked and colored digitally to create a variety of masterpieces from the same image. The girls depicted in Aline's prints remind me of Chinese ads from the 30s/40s (?) I came across a few years back at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. There are some amazing and budget-friendly items for sale at Yumi's etsy shop