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Jessica Nebel

German native and recent grad from the Royal College of Art in London, Jessica Nebel is well on her way to becoming the next 'it' person in industrial design. Recent projects like the 'Take-away sink' and Wool-light' are giving her international acclaim.The wool light is made of 100% wool, pose able and ever changing to create an array of soft and fuzzy shadows for an invitingly warm glow on a summer evening.

Amy Adams of Perch Design

Amy Adams is the designer behind Brooklyn-based ceramic studio Perch. All of Perch's products are made with low impact, non-toxic, eco-friendly loving care-- not to mention creative style and practical sensibility.

Perch was a part of this year's HauteGREEN in New York, an annual showcase of sustainability in design and I look forward to seeing them in upcoming years.


Enkundayo and Andrew Hem @ Thinkspace

Artists Enkundayo and Andrew Hem will be representing Los Angeles' Thinkspace Gallery with an opening this Friday, August 10th. While both artists share a foundation of graffiti and Art Center degrees they are uniquely different in their personal styles, subject matter, and experiences.Enkundayo is native to Hawaii and now lives and works as a freelance illustrator in LA. In his debut solo show and installation, 'Interlaced,' Enkundayo will display the interrelations and connections will all have with eachother despite geographic and demographic differences where human imperfection and surrealist tendencies run deep.

Cambodian by birth, Californian by circumstance, and artist by trade, Andrew Hem will be holding down the Project Room at Thinkspace with 'Brighter Days.' His paintings are playful and tragic, geometric and curvacious and an incredible mixture of emotions and brushstrokes.

Friday, August 10th at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. 7-11pm. Show runs through Sept. 8th.


Aline 'Yumi' Yamada

Aline Yamada of YumiYumi is a fine artist from Sao Paulo now based out of Columbus. Her prints are hand-drawn and later tweaked and colored digitally to create a variety of masterpieces from the same image. The girls depicted in Aline's prints remind me of Chinese ads from the 30s/40s (?) I came across a few years back at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. There are some amazing and budget-friendly items for sale at Yumi's etsy shop


Sprout Home

Timber stools at Sprout Home. Their website suggests to purchase in multiples, as they are happier together. I agree. I think these would make great accents to an outdoor patio or garden. I might even put a potted plant or gnome on top of one...


Oslo Press

Word spreads pretty quickly across the blogosphere so if you haven't heard of Oslo Press yet I'm delighted to be the first to inform you about them! Wood veneer and 100% cotton papers make up these elegant customizable invitations in a variety of veneers, inks, and designs. Husband and wife duo Jen and Glenwood concocted the idea in 2006 when planning their own wedding and already have a cult following of aspiring brides and grooms.

Nina Clough

Simple, pretty, and only $20 on etsy
Dandelion Clocks by Artquirk/Nina Clough

Japanese Rice Art

The craft of rice growing has evolved into a different type of art for Japanese rice farmers in Inakadate. Each year farmers combine the aesthetic qualities of yellow, purple, and green rice leaves for an impressive display of craft and crop. The eco-friendly art will be on display until September's harvest. via designboom


Conscious Design

I found this awesome chair by New Zealanders Conscious Design awhile back but still really love the sleek modernism of the frame and the beautiful selection of interchangeable fabrics made by local fashion designers.


vintage ceramic tray
only 6 bucks on etsy

The New Birds at Grass Hut

English Barn Owl

I'm in beautiful Portland, Oregon this weekend and stumbled upon Grass Hut, a local studio, gallery, and shop run by artist Bwana Spoons and Justin "Scrappers" Morrison. Their current show with over 30 different artists, The New Birds, showcases bird-themed art with proceeds going to the Portland Audubon Society. This is a definite must-see if you're in the area but feel free to shop online too!

No Sudden Moves
Amy Ruppel
Mathew Feyld

Hummingbird House
Amy Morrison


Jaren Goh Design

What a beautiful bookcase by Jaren Goh Designs out of Singapore. This "Vintage Shelf" is just one among many splendidly functionally and modern takes on furniture design


Kokeshi Dolls at TokyoCube

These are so adorable! I picked up a few Kokeshi dolls in San Francisco's Chinatown back in the fall but mine are not nearly as cute. TokyoCube has a great collection of toys of all sorts.

p.s. great wikipedia fact "The word 'kokeshi' is also used in Japanese as a euphemism for dildo."

via sweetinvaders


Little Odd Forest

Fun home accessories by LittleOddForest. Singapore native Lynda Lye founded the crafty design portal in 2004 in fulfillment of whimsical childhood fantasies.
Be sure to visit Lynda's blog as well.


Jenna Rose

Jenna Rose is a Canadian crafter, artist, and designer. She produces handmade home and fashion accessories. All designs are screen printed onto cotton or linen and then sewn into a usable and delightful object.

See her website for more designs and products and pick something up at the modishoppe here or various retailers throughout Canada.

yes, delightful!


Graham and Green

just a little afternoon shopping at Graham and Green...
the ostrich table spectacular!


Form & Design

Urlika Elofsson is the designer of Swedish modern living design studio Form & Design.

I really loved her Christmas line from a few months back and am impressed again with her recently debuted Spring/Summer 2007 line. All Form & Design products are made in Sweden with 100% natural fibers.


A couple new t-shirt designs printed by Threadless this week. Today is the last day for their summer vacation sale so snatch one up before it's too late. Up top is Understanding Bird Song by Source Creative and below we've got Recycle by Nemanja Dragojlovic.


Eveline Tarunadjaja of Lovepad

KTA Loblolly House

Architects at KieranTimberlake Associates of Philedelphia are responsible for the Loblolly House on Taylors Island, Maryland.
This 2,200 square foot dwelling is built on the Chesapeake Bay with utmost respect to the natural surroundings and minimal impact on the local environment.
The structure was built off site entirely before hand in "smart cartridges" and assembled on site in under 6 weeks. Because of this type of architecture, the house can just as easily be dis-assembled and moved to another location


Yong Jieyu

Design Academy Eindhoven student Yong Jieyu has barely even started his career and is already internationally recognized and acclaimed. This cd player is the result of a 2 day workshop with Joris Laarman. I can't wait to see what he's up to in a few years!


Jan Harman

The smell of incense really irritates me.

But if it didn't I'd definitely be in the market for one of these! Jan Harman designed Smoke House Incense Burner. Only 36 bucks at Velocity!

Lorena Siminovich

It was so difficult for me to chose only a few collages by artist Lorena Siminovich. I adore the characters in her work. Originally from Buenos Aires and relocated to San Francisco, Lorena creates completely one of a kind customizable pieces out of recycled and vintage papers from all over the globe.
Visit her portfolio site here and look over the purchasables here!


I just discovered the work of Danish designers Sen-Sen and can't get enough! Unfortunately, I can't read danish so I have no idea what's beyond all the beautiful images. See for yourself!

Most of their designs consist of ornately baroque patterns on pillows, picnic items and even wall decals. Be sure to check out their line of kids products too!

Making Time for Design

A few days ago the members of AIGA Washington DC participated in Design for the Fun of it 14: Making Time for Design. The result: An amazing collection of designer-made wall clocks guaranteed to make you wonder what time it is.

Dan Banks