Sylvia Ji

Just a sneak peak of the new works Sylvia Ji will be unveiling on June 9th at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. She's taking on a whole new cultural dynamic here and I can't wait to see the final result!

Twentieth: Art & Design

Cheeky Chair! Have a look at the myriad of goodies over at Twentieth in Los Angeles or via their online store.

I also found this great 18k gold cokespoon there! Gotta love LA!


Somerville Scott & Company

Gorgeous mid-century modern armchair from Londoners Somerville Scott & Company. Any sort of combination that includes emerald green, velvet, and piping makes me go weak in the knees! Too bad I don't have 3000 pounds to spare.


George Nelson/Sparkability

Although Sparkability specializes in kids and babies, I can always find something I'd gladly and confidently display in my "grown-up" apartment. This 1965 George Nelson classic is appropriately titled Omar the Owl and produced by the ever versatile Vitra.


Dan-ah Kim

I found out about Pratt grad Dan-ah Kim this weekend at Thinkspace's Picks of the Harvest show (still on until April 27th in LA). She has some great line drawings and illustrations on her personal site and also for sale on etsy.

Catch her at Giant Robot Gallery in NYC this Friday for the opening reception of Printed Matter 2.


Bird Houses

A few great new birdhouse designs by...

1. Industreal and 2. Studio Frederik Rioje

Catch them both in Milan next week!
via Funfurde and MocoLoco


Nicolette Brunklaus

What a spectacular collection of ceiling lamps from Amsterdam's Nicolette Brunklaus! I love how she incorporates baroque/rococo style into a more contemporary fixture suitable for your Soho loft. Find them for sale at Lekker--and while you're there pick up a Rack Deer Park to boot!



Istanbul's Autoban does everything from architecture to interiors to product design with amazing style and grace. The Bergere armchair shown above pays homage to classical french design with a modern Turkish twist.


ThinkSpace Gallery

Picks of the Harvest is back! Batch Four of this wonderful installment at ThinkSpace Gallery in Silverlake will include 122 artists from all around the globe and over 300 works of art. Featuring installations by Derek Weisberg, Matt Burlingame, John Michael Gill (shown left), and Sophia Pottish (shown right).

If you live in LA, this is a can't miss event taking place on Friday April 13th from 7-11pm at ThinkSpace Gallery at 4210 Santa Monica near Sunset Junction.

(p.s. bring plenty of cigarettes and beware of hipster crossing)


Mario Wagner

Based out of Cologne, Mario brings us some great illustrations craftily composted that can't help but evoke ideas of politics, society, gender roles and a general sign of times gone by. See more on his portfolio site here and be sure to pick up some prints for your reading room via 4Wall