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KTA Loblolly House

Architects at KieranTimberlake Associates of Philedelphia are responsible for the Loblolly House on Taylors Island, Maryland.
This 2,200 square foot dwelling is built on the Chesapeake Bay with utmost respect to the natural surroundings and minimal impact on the local environment.
The structure was built off site entirely before hand in "smart cartridges" and assembled on site in under 6 weeks. Because of this type of architecture, the house can just as easily be dis-assembled and moved to another location


Yong Jieyu

Design Academy Eindhoven student Yong Jieyu has barely even started his career and is already internationally recognized and acclaimed. This cd player is the result of a 2 day workshop with Joris Laarman. I can't wait to see what he's up to in a few years!


Jan Harman

The smell of incense really irritates me.

But if it didn't I'd definitely be in the market for one of these! Jan Harman designed Smoke House Incense Burner. Only 36 bucks at Velocity!

Lorena Siminovich

It was so difficult for me to chose only a few collages by artist Lorena Siminovich. I adore the characters in her work. Originally from Buenos Aires and relocated to San Francisco, Lorena creates completely one of a kind customizable pieces out of recycled and vintage papers from all over the globe.
Visit her portfolio site here and look over the purchasables here!


I just discovered the work of Danish designers Sen-Sen and can't get enough! Unfortunately, I can't read danish so I have no idea what's beyond all the beautiful images. See for yourself!

Most of their designs consist of ornately baroque patterns on pillows, picnic items and even wall decals. Be sure to check out their line of kids products too!

Making Time for Design

A few days ago the members of AIGA Washington DC participated in Design for the Fun of it 14: Making Time for Design. The result: An amazing collection of designer-made wall clocks guaranteed to make you wonder what time it is.

Dan Banks



An interesting concept in wallpaper design for you all to ponder. Germany company Surrealien uses computer generated plans based off a wall's exact measurements to create the perfect curves around doors, lights, and fixtures. I'm not sure how this would fly in a residential setting but it does look quite fun for a bar or restaurant. Above is a shot from London's Ruby Lounge.

Thout Design

Canadians of Thout Design concocted the wonderful idea for this Holey Stump. Its sleek, stylish, multi-functional, and stores beer in its holes--if required. Available in aqua, green, and white I can't imagine a chic Canadian cabin in the woods without one.


CinqCinq Designers (5.5)

I've never seen such an eclectic collection of products and styles from the same design firm. CinqCinq or 5.5 designers based out of Paris have an impressive collection of more or less functional items and spacial design. Many items are hand-built, re-built, re-cycled, re-used and just plain resourceful!


Audrey Kawasaki

I can't get enough of Audrey Kawasaki! I saw her latest work at Smitten a few weeks back at Thinkspace and was once again blown away by her amazing talent and grace.


Some beautiful (and playful) wallpapers from Londoner's Matt and Sofie of NICE. Check out their other wallpapers and graphic design work on their site. I'm absolutely in love with the peacock repeat design above. It's too bad I haven't figured out a good enough excuse to bring purple and pink into my apartment yet.


Just shopping around

Sleek Erik Jorgensen sofa

I think I love you handmade card at BuyOlympia

Photo Album by Jen Corace at If'n Books

Inhabit Triptic Slats Hanging Panel at Design Public
Joseph Felt Bench by Chris Ferebee of 521 Design



The new collection from Feinedinge is out and its spectacular! All products are handmade with love by Sandra Haishberger in her Vienna, Austria studio
Feindinge means "Fine Thing" in German and I absolutely agree! Catch her in New York next week at the ICFF. She'll be represented by Austrian design super collective Pure Austrian Design

Aoki Jun

Gorgeous. See the rest of the post at 2modern

Het Grote Avontuur

Pretty plastic kapstokje (hat rack) for only 6 euros and available in 5 different colors! This could be used in a plethora of interesting ways besides hats. Ties, jewelry, keys, purses, belts, maybe even mugs!

Pick one up in your favorite shade at Amsterdam's Het Grote Avontuur online store

via bloesem

Nicole Jacquard

Sculptor and Jewelry artist Nicole Jacquard hand crafted this beautiful piece out of wood, 18k gold, steel and plexi-glass. She currently works as a professor of Jewelry and Metal smithing at Indiana University.



Branch is a socially and environmentally responsible online retailer proud to provide us with home accessories galore--minus the guilt. I absolutely adore this all natural, handcrafted Romanian pillow. Thanks Branch!

Alison M Brady

Photographer Alison M. Brady managed to capture some great wallpapers in her most recent project! I'd love to know where she was for all of these. Have a look at the wonderfully erie imagery and beautiful patterns.


I'm not quite sure how I feel about these new chairs from Gamplusfratesi but I figured it was worth a post. I definitely like the mid century modern/Hella Jongerius feel to them but I'm having a hard time imagining what kind of environment you'd find a chair like this. Has anyone seen the Antropomorfo chair in action? What are your thoughts?

Fuco Ueda

I just discovered the amazingly talented Japanese painter Fuco Ueda on Artist a day. Her work is a magnetically surreal exhibition of life, nature, and their interactions.

Judy @ Recurring Pattern

Blogger and pattern designer Judy Valencerina created this gorgeous pattern of her favorite greens. These could easily become my favorite greens as well!

Check out Judy's pattern blog and original works here.


People will always need plates

Indeed! Hannah Dipper and Robin Farquhar are the co-founders of ceramic design studio, People will always need plates. Their distinct design objective is to create high quality, stylish and clever dish ware not to be displayed enjoyed for its aesthetic as well as fundamental functionality. I think they've got it!

We heart Josiah (above) is a brand spanking new collection and their first ever to include a 3 tiered cake plate paying homage to American Sculptor John Flaxman.

The Trellick Tower (below) is a citrus-y depiction of Erno Goldfinger's unique architectural style.

People will always need plates can be purchased through Design Museum London.


Beautifully hand-crafted and genuinely cross-stitched! Reddish design studio out of Israel keeps us on our toes with a variety of home goods that cross boundaries between modern functionality and country-home kitsch.

Check out their site for an up close shot of the stitching--and don't miss the digital cuckoo clock...


Alberto Cerriteno

The now Portland-based artist/designer Alberto Cerriteno from Mexico is a new favorite of mine. "The Enamored Whale" is an excellent example of Alberto's character illustrations that evoke childhood memories of haunted circuses and vintage tees.

If you're around the Portland area, check out his work at The Basil Hallward Gallery on the 3rd floor of Powell's Books through May 31st.


David Monsen

Pattern Designer David Monsen's bio simply states "My name is David and i do stuff..I'm glad if it works." I suppose that's good enough for me. He creates delightfully modern geometric patterns with a touch of vintage style and panache!

Somehow I'd feel obligated to include those clocks if I were to wallpaper my kitchen in David Monsen...

J Shatz

Gorgeous handmade ceramic eggs serve as bird houses for the hip to chirp. Available in a myriad of colors, you can't go wrong with an original J. Shatz creation. Be sure to check out his egg planters too!