Amy Bengston/Amy Ruppel

Fellow northwesterners Amy Ruppel and Amy Bengston collabed on this new piece of jewelry and can be purchased via Bengston's site. I really love owls in modern design these days, nice job ladies.

and on a side note, Amy Bengston's site has a really cool background wallpaper!

Brook Nipar and Nigel Dennis

A great collaboration between portrait/fashion photographer Brooke Nipar and graphic designer Nigel Evan Dennis of Electric Heat. I really love alot of his earlier work and as his site so proudly proclaims, hes got "the skills to pay the bills."


Rob Teeters

inscribed in french into the coaster case: "the ingestion of poison may lead to death."

Why yes Rob, it just may. But that doesn't mean I won't be putting my cocktail down on one of these lovely coasters. Also check out Rob Teeter's Mirror Nior. It gives you a glipse of your own reflection but just enough to know who you are.

(p.s. he is also the famed inventor of the "giant sketch," a 4000 page sketchbook, but i feel like its all blogged out by now so you can check it out on your own...)


Seonna Hong

Emmy award winning animator and artist Seonna Hong paints vintage-style school girls in perhaps unsettling urban environments while living and working out of Pasadena, California (whoot whoot!)

Shes currently showing at the Knoxville Museum of Art until March 11 and then on to New York's Oliver Kamm/B5E Gallery from April 27-May 26.


imm Cologne

imm Cologne, one of the world's largest and greatest furniture fairs came to a close last week in Germany and, once again, they've set the standard for interior trends in the new year with renowned designers from around the globe. I wish I had a nice cold Kolsh right now to enjoy with my musings...

From top to bottom, Elmar Floetotto's latest collection of white objects piqued my interest while Neues Licht exhibited their waterproof fibre optic chandelier, Scintilla 60. And Below, two fresh new sofas from Vitra; Hella Jongerius' Polder in black and the Bouroullecs Brothers' Extra Late Sofa in red

Dennis Hayes IV/7Teen

Dennis Hayes IV, mastermind behind 7teen currently resides in Detriot and creates wonderful images juxtaposing nature and industry. I first saw a painting of his at ThinkSpace's Picks of the Harvest show and have been following his work ever since.

Camera Album

Analog camera photo album for your digi prints at Fredflare for 12 bucks

Julien Pacaud

Parisian Julien Pacaud of Institut Drahomira does some great (and sometimes erie) photo montages. Above is titled World Construction Kit, below is Memories of Tomorrow and both can be purchased via his DeviantArt account.



Check out these great wood storage units by Danish designers Gubi. Although they specialize in office furniture, I'd love to have a few of these in my apartment.

Claire Norcross and Habitat

Claire Norcross designed this adorable petaled lamp, Mairi, for European home furniture and accessory shop Habitat. Directed by designer Tom Dixon, Habitat has been an innovator in home design and style throughout Europe (and now Thailand) since the 1960s. They've also got a pretty snazzy website showcasing all of their lovelies. Click on the Retrospective button for a cool flash animation of their history.


Blaine Fontana

The Lab 101 Gallery in Culver City, Ca will be holding a solo show and book signing on Feb 3rd for the debut of Blaine Fontana's art book Sedimental Promises. If you don't know who he is yet, its about time.

You can also catch up with Blaine in Denver and Philadelphia in the coming months...


Herbert Baglione

Herbert Baglione of Sao Paulo first caught my eye in the October 06 issue of Juxtapoz. When asked about his beginnings he claimed "i started to draw over photos like putting horns in their head and knives in their hands, like every child does." Sure. Every child does that.

Remind me not to raise children in Sao Paulo...


If you aren't (or never have been) a 14 year old girl, you probably haven't heard of Delias. Its an almost exclusively web-based clothing company for the young, hip and underage. But they do have some cute bed sets and accessories for teenage wallet prices.


Stella Im Hultberg

Industrial designer turned fine artist, Stella Im Hultberg makes me go weak with her sultry, splotchy ladies. Prints even a college student can afford here.

And don't forget to see her along with Audrey Kawasaki, Amy Sol, Brande Milne, and Kukula at ThinkSpace in May!!


Kendra Binney

Kendra Binney, an Arizona backwoods native and current Portlander, creates adorable paintings toying with emotional states and creepy crawlys. Birchwood mounted prints including hardware can be found at her Etsy shop. This one, Parade of Unwanted Things 2" runs for a cool 19 bucks.


Dutch furniture design super group Moooi has been producing uniquely stylish pieces since 2001 and with art director Marcel Wanders reaching iconic status, I foresee no end in sight. Their website design and photography alone is reason enough to visit. Above is Piet Hein Eek's "beautifully-rich baroque dresser" of steel, vinyl and moooi-goodness.

Below is Marcel Wanders own design, Oblique -- a magazine shelf for storage and display of all your latest publications. If you're a magazine junkie like me, this is a must have.


Stephane Tartelin

French graphiste Stephane Tartelin has an impresive resume and dynamic portfolio. Be sure to check out the "bonus" section for some great pinhole shots of Tokyo.

Tu veux du suchi?



Kansas City (MO, that is) based letterpress company, Hammerpress, offers some wonderfully hand crafted concert posters, art prints, stationary and even custom wedding invitations. And on top of that, they're affordable! Thanks Hammerpress



Lola has her first solo show, The Rememberlings, tonight at Thinkspace gallery in Silverlake. I'll be there...will you?

Additionally, Lola's first ever limited edition print is available for sale! Check it out on her site.

Nazario Graziano

There's nothing I love better than a nice italian wine and authentic carbonara. Except for maybe Italian graphic designer Nazario Graziano.

I think I'm in love...


Helene Ige

I've always enjoyed shopping at Brooklyn-based Elsewares for great indie art and design products and completely fell in love with this Wise Ol' Owl Mobile. Created by LA designer Helene Ige. Do I really have to hang it above a crib or can I just put it in my kitchen?

Little Flower Designs

I came across this adorable handmade tea set by Pennsylvania crafter, Linda Johnson who both designs and runs her own independent business, Little Flower Designs.

via Indie Finds


Ashley Goldberg

St. Louis based Illustrator Ashley Goldberg first caught my eye while cruising Etsy (a fabulous collection of crafts and crafters!). I never knew her as anyone else but AshleyG until I saw her debut in Dwell Magazine this month. Her work vaguely reminds me of Jen Corace but both are wonderful in their own ways. This post has been overwhelmed with goodness so please check out all of the links. Above is Ashley's "Tree Swing" Illustration and one of my personal faves.

Audrey Kawasaki

I've been a follower for a while and have always thought she needed a better website. Alas, its here. Audrey's website has been completely outfitted with a HUGE collection of her tantalizing paintings and even an online shop. You can snag this one, Mia & Mai, for a fairly priced 120 bucks.

And for my fellow Angelenos, we can catch up with her once again at ThinkSpace Gallery this coming May in their All-Girl Group Show.


Happy New Year, and Happy New Blog!

My last one failed due to laziness and a forgotten password. But its a new year now with new prospects. And speaking of all this newness, I'll start the blog off right by announcing the new and improved website of one of my all time favorites--Audrey Kawasaki (read on, read up)

Thanks friends